Are you ready to start your 2023 with a massive transformation?

Global NLP Summit is the biggest and the most impactful personal and professional NLP-based transformation program in the world. This program is curated with powerful live, interactive and experiential sessions with top NLP developers, trainers and coaches from around the world working with you to create powerful shifts within you. 

This isn’t a one way presentation or recorded sessions. This is an exclusive program catered your personal outcomes. Each session is uniquely designed with insights, conversations and exercises to create an inside-out paradigm shift that gives you a distinct understanding of NLP – and in turn help you: 

  • Discover your own internal unconscious patterns
  • Go beyond yourself – to access resources that you aren’t already accessing in yourself
  • Experience a mental, physical and spiritual high – through a depth of  perspective, while engaging in meaningful conversations
  • Deep-dive into NLP models and topics that will help you reconnect with yourself through various different frames
  • Take your NLP skills to a level where you can create powerful, deep and sustainable transformation for yourself and your clients

With this program you become part of our Global NLP Community on our exclusive platform for life. On our platform, you will find connections, inspiration, courage, collaboration and creativity from people from all over the world who are committed to support you in achieving your vision.

"It's not just a program for two days. It's a journey for growth and learning"

What will you learn

Global NLP summit is committed to give you profound insights, shifts and breakthroughs from each session. Each session is designed with a specific outcome for you to have practical, evidence-based, real-life results. What you will learn in from this program is more meaningful than most programs and at a fraction of the cost.


Success Factor Modeling for Health, Well Being and Longevity

Learn what it takes to live a long and healthy life by unpacking the mindset and belief system it takes to get there.


Building Community the NLP way!

Change comes from within. And so it is with Community. Learn how to identify with your internal system to build your external communities.


Building Generative Teams

Learn the success factors that make for a well-performing team. Be a gift to your team and the team be a gift to your own growth and development.


Leveraging a 10x Mindset

Explore how to leverage a 10x Mindset for Exponential Growth and Results Using NLP.


From Reactivity to Creativity

Creativity isn’t a “magic quality” but a process. Learn how to tap into your own creative process with NLP so that you can release it whenever you want.


How to trust yourself when you don’t have all the answers

Learn to build the trust from within for yourself even when the things on the outside aren’t working out the way you would like them to.


Developing Generative coaching

Learn how to make your coaching impact with your clients more powerful, sustainable and permanent by learning the generative coaching model.


Words that Change Coaching Clients’ Minds

Find out the key Motivation Triggers of coaching clients. Explore how to uplift and motivate your clients by using specific language patterns.


NLP Skills for Coaching

Explore how to create well-formed outcomes non-verbally, conversationally and through attentive listening to supercharge motivation in your coaching clients!


The Science and Art of Learning

How to learn anything easily and quickly! Explore how to combine NLP with neuroscience to enable effective and enjoyable learning.


Modeling Excellence embedded in the Indian Mythological Wisdom!

Learn to be resourceful and create transformation in yourself and others by modelling the wisdom of Indian mythology.


Discover the structure of the Spirit of Ubuntu

The spirit of Ubuntu is about togetherness & collective responsibility that leads to collective excellence. Explore how to connect with the Spirit of Ubuntu to create collective excellence in your life!


Embracing Solitude

Discover how you can enable “solitude” as a resource to fully transform your life.


Embracing Solitute

Discover how you can enable “solitude” as a resource to fully transform your life.


Changing Yourself To Become Unstoppable

Move from resistance to resilience in a world in chaos. Explore how to align yourself to thrive and become unstoppable!


Turn Your Dream into Reality through Unshakable Commitment

The difference between mediocrity and excellence is commitment! Explore the secrets of building unshakable commitment towards your vision.


Hold difficulty & happiness by Modeling Rumi

Learn how to be empowered, how to find the structure of resilience, how to be centered and walk on the age-old valley of the unknown. 


Next-Generation Thinking

Gain understanding of how a child’s brain work. Learn how to use play, creativity and NLP to supercharge a child’s thrive!


Mastering your state – Mastering your life

Discover the impact of intentional states to achieve desired outcomes – shortcutting your way to personal and professional growth.


The Power of Metaphors

Metaphor is a figure of thought. Explore how to create your own empowering metaphors to climb the ladder of success.


Restructuring Depressive Mood with NLP

Unpacking the structure of Depressive Mood to assess clients. Explore effective interventions to create transformation for your client.


Healthy Living Made Easy

Learn how NLP can be used to live a healthy lifestyle – to transform your overall well being.


The Importance of trust

Explore how to improve leadership effectiveness through building trust with employees.

You can find the full Global NLP Summit schedule below


An unparalleled lineup of NLP Thought Leaders have come together to share their secrets.

Learn from the best minds on the planet who have been pushing the boundaries of NLP, hypnosis, TA, neuroscience and mental space psychology to teach you tools, techniques, models and processes to help you achieve massive results in life.

Why is this a unique learning experience

Our community is friendly. It’s a supportive place for you to grow and share with no judgements. Speak freely, think deeply and feel differently. That’s a guarantee.

You think you know NLP – but may not fully. By learning from facilitators from around the world, you get a complete picture of NLP with the latest trends and cutting-edge tools for today’s chaotic world.

Live & uninhibited access to facilitators who have shaped NLP for us & for the future:

All the sessions on the program are live – so you get to interact, ask questions and directly engage with co-creators and developers of NLP.

And that too at a cost that’s 1/100th of what you would normally have to pay to get live access to all of them.

Outcome-focused approach to the program:
Once you join the Global NLP Summit, you will be sharing your learning outcomes with us. Once we know your outcomes, the sessions will be delivered to fully contextualize your outcomes.

Extraordinary Immersion & the power of continuation in learning:
The whole program is designed to be fully experiential with tons of exercises and activities. Our platform will allow you to create personal chats, 1-on-1 meeting rooms, ask for support, collaborate with other delegates and set up meet-ups.

And what’s more? You get to be a part of it for life. So, you can build meaningful relationships, stay connected with NLP, continue to learn for lifetime!

The most immersive, exclusive and personalized NLP event in the world
1. Get Inspired By Delegates From Around The World

There is immense power in being part of an inspiring community. In this summit, every person you connect with will be as inspiring as the speakers who are taking the session. You will find a lot of care, support, insights & wisdom from delegates from all over the world.

Each session in the summit is designed to allow you to meaningfully connect, teach and learn from other delegates from around the world. Delegates who have attended the summit in the past have built connections for a lifetime

2. Meet & Experience Top NLP Thought Leaders live

Everything you need to take your personal and professional life to the next level is available at this summit. We will have sessions that will transform your personal life, take your professional life to the next level, teach you how to create high impact with others and bring you to speed with the latest NLP tools & models of change. 

This summit is designed as a program to give you a complete & overall transformation for all areas in your life from top NLP coaches & trainers from around the world.

3. Extraordinary Transformation & Immersion

This summit isn’t designed like every other online conference where you are just listening to the information being shared. This summit is designed as a learning program where all the sessions are experiential with activities, exercises, learning materials and workbooks. This is a fully immersive experience that is designed to give you the experience of extraordinary transformation from each and every session. 

This summit is about creating space for yourself to learn, grow, inspire & connect to live a life of your passion and purpose

How Does The Global NLP Online Summit Work?

This isn’t going to be your regular online sessions. This is a fully live face-to-face experiential event that brings the world together through powerful learning and deep connection.

Once you sign up for the program you will receive an email with instructions on how to join the online platform. All you have to do is create your account to log in to the platform.

Once you log in, you would have automatically be added to the Global Summit Group where you can engage in meaningful conversations with others. This group is going to be there for life – for continuous learning and support.

 About 2 weeks before the summit starts you will also be able to see the schedule and details for all the sessions. You can select the sessions you want to join. You will even get a notification to join the live sessions as soon as they start.

Our aim is to recreate the most profound and engaging summit experience for you. You will have access to the recordings for 4 days or 6 months based on your tickets types. All the other features including meeting & networking rooms, masterclasses, 1-on-1 time with other delegates and much more are available to you for lifetime.

Inspiring Live Sessions

You will have live & interactive sessions with Q & A with most of the speakers at the Global NLP Summit including activities & worksheets. Most of these sessions will be experiential that will take you through several exercises and give you an actionable result at the end

Access To All The Recordings

The recording of all the sessions including the bonus materials will be available for 4 or 180 days after the Global NLP Summit based on purchase of your ticket type. So, you will get a chance to go through all the sessions and not miss out on any learning experience from the summit

Connect With Global Community

We have people joining the Global NLP Summit from 5 continents. This is a great opportunity for you to connect and network with other NLP delegates from all around the world.

Dedicated Meeting Rooms

You will have access to dedicated meeting rooms created on specific topics such as NLP in Leadership, NLP in healing, The Future of NLP, etc where you can connect, discuss and learn from the like-minded people. You can do this through group audio & video calls.

Discussions, Polls & Bonus

Through our platform, you will have your own private or public discussions with individuals or groups. There will be many engagement activities such as polls and a whole section where you can download tons of bonus materials to further your learning experience

Learn how to build your NLP Training and Coaching Business

Business Masterclass Series

Get access with the 6-month pass

Andreas Dorn

Masterclass 1

How to get high-paying coaching clients

Learn how you can get more high-paying coaching clients with out getting into the nitty gritty of marketing

Fiona Campbell

Masterclass 2

Selling Your NLP Services

Leave this session with a clear understanding of what you offer, how your client will benefit and know how to close the sale

Nishith Shah

Masterclass 3

How to build communities!

After building an engaging community with Global NLP Summit, I have figured out the process and structure behind it. In this masterclass, I will share it all with you. 

Thabiso Mailula

Masterclass 4

The ultimate framework to combine your passion with profits

Learn how you can turn your passion into profits by using a simple framework. Live all of your dreams full-time.


We have planned a variety of sessions to take your learning to the next level. Tickets are strictly limited so grab yours now with the early bird discount.


30 Days
Access to all the recordings


+ Taxes

Details Of The Summit
This Masterclass is currently SOLD OUT. Leave us your details to get notified about upcoming Masterclasses.

Need additional pricing info? Get in touch for custom and high-volume pricing.

Angela Wells

Loving Angela Wells

It’s a great skill to bring something to life from nothing. 

The inception of simply having thought to induce reality. – This is what Angela Wells did.

Angela brought the thought of building the Global NLP Summit Community with a vision to build oneness. 

We created this platform together to build a world where we see excellence in everyone – where people can feel safe and fully be themselves. All of this is possible because Angela committed to that vision. We miss her, and this experience is not without celebrating what she brought to life with her dedication.

Angela is no longer with us, she passed on 7 January 2022. But Angela’s contribution lives on in the experience that we will continue to create in the years to come.

So, this year’s Global NLP Summit is dedicated to Angela, without whom – we would have missed the foundation to create an immersive space of excellence.

All the impact that we create now and, in the years to come – is Angela’s legacy. She continues to make difference and be part of us.  

Nishith Shah

Global NLP Online Summit evolved from the NLP Conference India which is organized by Thought labs and Live Life Shine!


To register for the conference just click on the “Buy Ticket” button. At the checkout page, you can choose your preferred currency (Available currencies INR, USD, GBP) and make the payment through various options available.

Once you make the payment, you will receive an email with confirmation and further instructions for joining the online summit.

All sessions will be recorded and available to watch once the live session is over. Wherever you are in the world you can still catch all your favorite speakers no matter the time zone you’re living in.

All sessions are presented Live by the speakers. Our aim is to have all sessions live and interactive. 

The payment can be made in 3 different currencies (INR, GBP & USD) and is available through credit card, debit card, net-banking, UPI, and payment wallets. Based on your preferred currency, some options might not be available.

The tickets are non-refundable except in an event where you are not able to join the online summit, the tickets can be transferred. Please go through our refund and cancellation policy to know more about it.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email and details of the joining instructions. 15 days prior to the Live summit you will receive an additional email with full joining instructions to the platform. You will then be able to access the online platform and start networking with other participants.

We will have daily support available for 8 hours (10 am to 6 pm India time) and 24/7 support available during the week of the conference in case you face any difficulties.

All the sessions will be recorded and will be available to you as soon as they end. So, that means even if you miss a session, you can always go back to the recording and go through them again at the time that’s convenient for you.

The same is possible with parallel sessions. As there are multiple sessions running in parallel, you will be able to access the recording of the sessions that you might have missed the first time around.

These recordings will be available for 4 days or 30 days after the summit based on the ticket your have purchased.

Yes, the recordings of all sessions will be available for4 days or 30 days after the summit based on the ticket your have purchased.

These sessions are not going to be just one-way conversation. The sessions are designed to have activities & experiences. So, one way of having community experience is to do these activities with delegates joining from around the world.

We also have networking rooms, discussion rooms, and many other features available that will allow you to deeply connect with others from around the world.

We will also be building forums through which everyone who joined the online summit can stay connected with one another.

Yes, you will be able to connect with them through chat and video calls both 1-on-1 and in a group setting.


Be the difference that makes the difference. The global landscape is going through an incredible shift right now where strong, conscious, compassionate leadership is required and each of us play our part. We are part of the changing ecological system on the planet and what we do now is instrumental in moving us forward.

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Join Our Global NLP Community

  • Get access to exclusive global material
  • Free resources and first access to all the masterclasses, workshops & conferences with discounted prices
  • Be part of a community that is here to make a difference and change the world

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