Judith Lowe

Judith Lowe
NLP Master Trainer & Ambassador of ANLP, UK

Judith Lowe is a Master Trainer of NLP and has trained in the UK and internationally for over thirty years.

Judith was one of our popular guest speakers at the first NLP conference in India in Mumbai in 2019. She also works with many other groups and organisations to promote in-depth, systemic NLP at every level of skill and practice.

Her work includes transformational approaches in Somatic Intelligence, NLP Modelling, Belief Change, Coaching at Identity Level, and a long-term project (with Judith DeLozier)  to bring the practical tools of NLP to people working with social change issues in their communities.

She is a faculty member at NLPU (Robert Dilts’ NLP institute), and integrates the principles and practices from ‘Generative Change’ into all her trainings.


21st Jan
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Session Details – 2024

Introducing ‘Generative Citizen’

The Generative Citizen approach is based in the breakthrough approaches of Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan in their ‘Generative Change’ project and trainings.

This workshop will focus on a core skill set that supports the kind of inner development and mindshift that could help us to create new ways of being, thinking and relating in the world.  As we know – the way we are solving problems is the problem.

There are inner dimensions to achieving our ‘outer world’ goals of sustainability, social justice and the many new types of solutions we currently need. In this practical interactive workshop  we will explore some combinations of personal practices, that can begin the groundwork for your own road map of learning and transformation.

There are five key practices  – and each includes many choices and personal inflections so there is plenty of space for individual needs and preferences. The aim is to find feasible, practical, everyday ways for all of us to sustain and energise our skills and knowledge so that we can be ready, prepared, relaxed, and  welcoming of any opportunities – local and global – to contribute with wisdom, compassion and creative joy to bringing about more peaceful and sustainable ways of living.

The practices are; Self- Regulation, Self-Development, Empathy, Communication, and a “Citizen’s Knowledge base’ – a curated study of history (and  ideas) as it  relates to key social issues. 

21st March
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Session Details – 2020

Coaching at Identity

NLP tools are often used to help people with specific behavioural changes. But what if the issue is more about who a person is, or who a person is becoming, rather than simply what they do? In other words, your client needs developmental support for their life as a whole?

Sometimes big changes and challenges in a person’s life create pervasive anxiety and difficulty. This can be caused by positive life events like becoming a parent, getting married, moving to a new country, or being promoted to a new role. Or it can be triggered by more negative experiences such as bereavement, or a loss of status, health or financial security.

Coaching at Identity Level is usually more creative and relational in style. The coach and client work closely together to transform and develop a renewed, expanded sense of self in which the client can begin to re-experience themselves as resourceful and capable in deeper ways. They feel ready to grow, to progress their situation, and to wake up to all the many possibilities, dreams and directions they might create in their life.

In this practical and interactive conference session, I will draw on some of the key frames of reference for this type of work with NLP – belief change, vision, mission, personal meaning-making, transforming the ‘shadow’, the hero’s journey, and more.

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