Shelle Rose Charvet

Best Selling Author, Founder of Institute of Influence, NLP Trainer

She is the founder of The Institute for Influence and Success Strategies, a bestselling author and
the international expert on Influencing Language, researching and teaching for over 30 years. Her first book, Words That Change Minds, is an international bestseller, available in 20 languages, and a Forbes best management book. Organizations in over 30 countries ask me to help them increase their impact and influence. She started learning Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in 1982 in Paris after immigrating to France. As a communication trainer, working in English and French in international organizations such as IBM, UNESCO, CERN, Shelle found using NLP unlocked people’s abilities
to think and communicate better. As part of her NLP training, she was introduced to Rodger Bailey’s
Language and Behavior Profile, (LAB Profile ® ), and it set her on a decades long journey of discovery and development of tools to help people get their message across. Tooting her own horn alert! Shelle says: “I created a number of advanced tools and techniques used to: enhance rapport, trust, credibility, and influence that enable people to prevent conflicts, coach leaders, avoid stalemates in sales and negotiations and help everyone get what they need. They work!

20th Jan
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Session Details – 2024

10 Fundamental Differences Between Men And Women And Why They Matter

In this 90-Minute Online Program:

  • You’ll get a list of top 10 things to say to women and top 10 things to say to men. This list will help you understand them better and they will feel you’re speaking the same language as them.
  • You’ll find out your subconscious approach to taking risks and why you probably had huge arguments about this in the past.
  • You’ll see the real reason why you’re not able to authentically connect with some people.
  • You’ll learn a strategy to stop doing other people’s work (when you just won’t accept work from your team that is barely “good enough”).
  • You’ll discover how to avoid getting stuck in a perfectionist mode.
  • How to avoid getting easily hurt, while others get over things with ease, as if they don’t care.
  • Insights into the consequences of preferring to be respected versus being liked.
  • 2 things that leaders need to know about people motivated by competition and those motivated by cooperation.

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