Patricia Novick

Patricia Novick

Consultant, Trainer, Counselor, Activist and Ordrained Minister

Dr. Patricia Novick has studied and practiced NLP for more than thirty years. As a consultant, trainer, counselor, activist, and ordained minister, she has focused on helping individuals to be at their best. She holds doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and in ministry, as well as master’s degrees in sociology and divinity. Her work to develop inclusive leaders and diverse teams has been funded by the MacArthur Foundation and many other leading philanthropies, and programs that she developed have been taught throughout the world.

21st Jan
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Session Details – 2023

The Importance Of Trust

I will provide a 90-minute NLP-based interactive workshop on trust, teaching participants the ways that leaders, work teams, and others in organizations build trust. Specific skills, tools, scorecards, and perspectives are taught for each element.

The essential elements of trust are addressed through the acronym BRAVING, breaking a complex concept into specific elements that can be learned, remembered, assessed, and applied.

B – Boundaries. Each person knows and respects each other person’s boundaries.

R – Reliability. Consistently doing what we say we are going to do, and being very clear about our limitations, so we don’t take on so much that we don’t deliver on our commitments. Most leaders believe they are more consistent than others perceive them. DWYSYWD: Do What You Say You Will Do.

A – Accountability. Owning our mistakes and addressing them, and expecting the same from others. Job expertise is required to exercise trustworthy accountability.

V – Vault. Fully respecting confidentiality of all people. No gossip.

I – Integrity. Choosing courage over comfort; doing what is right; living our values. Being a lighthouse, not a weathervane.

N – Non-judgment. Acknowledging what we need without judging. An interesting data point here is that bosses trust people most who ask for help when they need it, and people most value bosses who give help without judgment.

G – Generosity. Assuming that others’ intentions are positive; testing when we believe they are not.

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