Patricia Novick

Patricia Novick

Consultant, Trainer, Counselor, Activist and Ordrained Minister

Dr. Patricia Novick has studied and practiced NLP for more than thirty years. As a consultant, trainer, counselor, activist, and ordained minister, she has focused on helping individuals to be at their best. She holds doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and in ministry, as well as master’s degrees in sociology and divinity. Her work to develop inclusive leaders and diverse teams has been funded by the MacArthur Foundation and many other leading philanthropies, and programs that she developed have been taught throughout the world.

20th Jan
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Session Details – 2024

The Importance of Nonverbal Communication

Studies show that the words we use constitute less than ten percent of what is communicated in an interaction. In this session we will look at some major aspects of the other 90 percent – the conscious and unconscious signals that make the difference in how our messages and the messages of others are actually received.

After reviewing core insights about the messages conveyed through the voice, the eyes and face, the body, and the setting, we will focus on some important aspects of nonverbal communication at work and in personal relationships, learning how to make our own communications more clear and how to become more clear about the communications of others.

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