Karin Rohner

Karin Rohner

NLP Trainer, Coach

Karin Rohner, NLP Trainer and Coach, is part of the Global Thought Labs Team. She trained under NLP Master Trainer, Nishith Shah, and runs NLP trainings and coaching sessions in the various NLP Online Programs and the NLP Retreat in Switzerland. Coming from her own personal journey of ongoing self-development, she is highly committed to supporting others in their growth.

In her training and coaching sessions, Karin loves to create a warm learning atmosphere that allows profound transformation to evolve. Her approach is structured, yet experiential and holistic.

She is known for genuinely holding space for her participants and her high engagement with the whole group.



20th Jan
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Session Details – 2024

Soft To Be Strong

Do you feel powerless, helpless and bitter at times with what is going on in today’s world?

Many people let the pain and injustice they experience in life make them hating, becoming hard and frustrated.

So how can you keep hope, take the pressure off of life and stay strong even if you face big challenges?

In my session you will explore how to become strong through softness. A common misconception is that to be soft means to be weak, but rather the opposite is true.

We just have to look at nature – water is stronger than rock! Water is soft, fluid and yielding. Water’s constant flow will eventually wear anything down and carry everything away. And that is true for life as well. To be soft is the true superpower that allows us to have the flexibility, compassion and gentle strength that is needed in today’s cruel world.

“Gentleness is stronger than severity, water is stronger than rock, love is stronger than force.” – Hermann Hesse

In my session you will learn to be soft to be strong in order to overcome challenges, solve conflicts, take life easier and find peace of mind. This is what you will learn:

  • How to soften mentally, physically and emotionally to embrace empathy and love
  • How to solve conflicts in a more gentle and subtle way
  • How to overcome challenges with ease and flexibility
  • How to strengthen your leadership and relationships through softness
  • How to connect with the soft side in you to become a strong and powerful person
  • How to have an embodied experience of “softness” to take off the pressure of life and find peace of mind

Join my session to find your strength and power in your softness!

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