Robbie Steinhouse

Robbie Steinhouse
Business Leader, NLP Master Trainer, Coach and Published Author

Robbie Steinhouse is one of Britain’s leading NLP trainers and coaches. He delivers all of the training at NLP School in London and is also on the faculty at NLP University in California. In addition to being an NLP Master Trainer he is also an ICF certified coach and his work ranges from delivering in-house leadership programmes to coaching private clients across the world.

Starting in the 1980’s, Robbie built and ran businesses in recruitment, property and insurance. As these grew, he found an ever-increasing need for more than just commercial skills, both for himself and his team. He also found a bewildering range of psychological and personal development models on offer. The material that he discovered to be (by far) the most useful was NLP, especially when linked to Transactional Analysis, Mindfulness and the Coaching approach. His passion for the human dimension of business led him to give up his executive role and place his companies in the hands of a management team to focus more extensively on training and coaching in 2002.

Since then his companies have continued to grow and Robbie has built his reputation as the “go to” NLP Trainer in the UK for his combination of business and therapeutic NLP

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The Leadership Matrix Model

Combining archetype psychology with core business skills, Robbie Steinhouse has created a nine-archetype model called the Leadership Matrix based on modelling successful leaders. There is additionally a tenth ‘meta-archetype’ called the Conductor: a ‘mindful space’ the leader can enter where alternatives can be considered prior to action being taken.

This model is useful for any type of leadership activity and also provides a framework for coaching leaders.

The Leadership Matrix model features in Robbie’s book Mindful Business Leadership published by Routledge in 2017.

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