Sue Knight

Sue Knight

NLP Master Trainer & Provocative Coach, Author of NLP at Work and ANLP Award Winner 2017 for NLP in Business

I am an International Consultant and Master Trainer of NLP running and contributing to NLP certification programmes around the world in the UK, at my home in France, in Kerala in India, Italy and Denmark. And I have many online programmes.

My granddaughter says Grandma teaches people to be the best they can be and she does it with fun!

I am the author of ‘NLP at Work’ which I finally got to narrate and it is now on Audible, Kobo, Google Play and Apple. And my NLP and Leadership manual is now available as a pdf download and also on Kindle. I do lots of things in lots of places with so many beautiful people.

Be with me on and Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (sueknight999) and

05th April
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21st March
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NLP – Clean & Dirty

NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is a way of studying the best in ourselves in others, synthesising it down so that we can teach that both to ourselves and to others. In the context of coaching this draws on the belief that we have the qualities within ourselves to be the best of who we are. With this ability to study how we are doing what we are doing we can find those resources either within ourselves or in others. You have probably heard the expression ‘Give a man a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach them how to fish and you feed them for life’ Indeed he or she learns how to feed themselves for life. NLP is a powerful way of connecting with each person uniquely rather than following a formula… I am of course biased. I have been teaching (and applying this to myself) for many years.

And as if that weren’t enough along the way I have met some remarkable coaches… Frank Farrelly who was the Master of Provocative Therapy and David Grove the source of Clean Language and Clean Questions. So here we have it Clean and Dirty both being used to achieve the same result – awareness, learning, and profound change. Join me in this webinar to explore how we can use all of these approaches in ways that can astound you and those with whom you ‘work’.

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