Gene Early

Gene Early
Co-founder of the UK Training Center for NLP
Gene Early was the first NLP trainer to live and work in Europe. He co-founded the UK Training Center for NLP, the first NLP institute in Europe. While living in Copenhagen, he helped develop six of the initial NLP institutes in Europe. He moved from Copenhagen to Hawaii where he was the Vice- Chancellor of Operations at the University of the Nations-Kona, the original resource campus for this global university which had branch campuses in over 600 locations. While there he completed his PhD in leadership and organizational development. He subsequently moved to Silicon Valley where he co-founded Genomic Health, a life sciences company that produced the first genomic-based, breast cancer diagnostic test. While still in Silicon Valley, he helped organize the first Leaders’ Quest learning journey. He continues to this day as a partner in Leaders’ Quest and works with senior executives from multi-national companies to expand their vision of how to combine purpose and profit within their corporate DNA. The other part of his work is consulting senior leaders in Asia, Europe and the USA in creating strong organizational cultures. In addition, he works with leading non-profits in Australia, India, South Africa and the USA in order to broaden and deepen their impact.

22nd Jan
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Session Details
Using NLP, What does it mean to live with a 10x mindset?

The speed of life is accelerating. To function well in today’s world, we need to accelerate our own ability to think and act…without crashing. How do we utilize our naturally occurring mental, emotional, and energetic resources to enter into flow, maintain internal harmony, and achieve desirable outcomes? One answer is to adopt a 10x mindset which is a concept symbolizing our ability to engage in exponential thinking and action. A 10x mindset empowers us to approach problem solving in a completely different way than today’s 1x thinking and action. It presupposes that the issues to be solved are already solved, we just haven’t found those solutions…yet. And when we do find those solutions, we transform ourselves and the systems of which we are a part. If you are interested in discovering your 10x mindset, do join us. It will be a great ride!

Learning outcomes

  1. To establish the basis for entering into a 10x mindset. To learn that it is possible for you to live with and from a 10x mindset.
  2. To apply 10x thinking to a specific issue or area of your life. To learn to leverage your reference experience(s) to anchor your 10x mindset.
  3. To align your 10x mindset with your essential self. To learn that being in flow with your 10x mindset can be a natural way of being.

21st March
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Session Details – 2020

The Structure of Transformation

NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience. Personal change occurs when we modify the structure of our experience. Transformation occurs when we do this at the level of our identity. The goal of this session is to collectively create an experiential knowledge of structure, how this understanding can contribute to your personal and professional success, and a deep appreciation of the beauty of human experience when seen through the filters of NLP. Our success will be defined by the degree to which we individually and collectively achieve this goal.

Learning outcomes

  1. To gain a clear understanding of structure and its significance in the world of NLP.
  2. To offer insight into and opportunities for personal transformation at the identity level.
  3. To share a sequence for identifying the structure of subjective experience that can be used as one tool in your  transformational toolkit, personally and professionally.

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