Andreas Dorn

Andreas Dorn

Specialist In Mindset- and Inner Strategies

Procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, stress, the feeling of not being good enough, and not making it, the harsh reality of not getting your message across, broken relationships – All this is stuff inside of your mind and based on “programmes running inside your brain”. 

I have trained myself since 2003 and over 9,000 hours to help you break free from this frustrating feeling of being “stuck”, to get you to free your mind and help you to create life and career of your desire. 

To this effect, I am a ….

  • Certified Trainer of NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Certified NLP Master Coach Trainer
  • Certified Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy
  • Certified Master Trainer of the Language and Behaviour Profile “Words That Change Minds”

I came to Malaysia in 1993 to work with the UNDP at the Prime Minister’s Department.  After falling in love with country, people – and my wife Najwa -, food, I decided to stay in Asia.  Subsequently, I worked in Indonesia, and Singapore in leading corporate roles. In 2003, and during my work in a HR Consulting Company, I realized that it takes more than just talk to help people make changes in their life. When I came across NLP, I knew that this is the starting point to a new career and a live mission to help people have a fulfilled, purposeful and happy life. 

From that point onwards, my wife and I studied the mind, and opened our own company Asia Mind Dynamics to share this tremendous knowledge with other people. 

We believe that life is about personal and professional growth, and that you deserve to create your life the way you want it. If this appeals to you, get in touch with me now by simply sending an email to

21st Jan
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Session Details – 2023

Changing Yourself To Become Unstoppable

A world in turmoil. 

The Covid Pandemic. The Invasion of Russia into Ukraine. Inflation and A Teetering World Economy.
And there is you. The person who is trying to navigate this chaos. 
It can be frustrating to get started on anything nowadays, or to maintain what you might have built up for some times. 
Scary, in fact. Because the danger of losing it all is there.
But so is the opportunity to make things happen.
I believe that it is possible for anyone to succeed and actually thrive in this world, a world in chaos.
And that it is possible for you as well.

Welcome to this presentation.

In this presentation, you learn to:

  • Become aware – what’s holding you back 
  • Go from resistance to resilience 
  • Align yourself to become unstoppable 
  • Gain a new pair of eyes

Make it happen.
And at the end of the session, you will feel empowered, and know that you have the resources to succeed within yourself. “

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