Do you struggle with building a successful coaching business?
This is the masterclass you have been waiting for.

Learn the Benefits of NLP Skills for Business and Coaching – Discover the 3 key models of NLP that will transform your business and coaching for your best results yet!

Fiona Campbell comes from a highly successful international sales background and has been using NLP skills in business and coaching for over 30 years.

She specialises in teaching business and coaching professionals on using these NLP skills, for enhancing different ways of communicating to different behavioural styles.

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What You’ll Learn
  1. Fiona shares with you her own unique approach to 3 specific models of NLP that help you transform your business and coaching skills in new and different ways.

  2. Developing NLP Meta Model mastery takes your skills to the next level by creating deeper rapport, building stronger relationships, helping people feel listened to, understood, valued and appreciated. Using the framework of the Meta Model to ask masterful questions, is an evolving skill that benefits many areas of your life creating a ripple effect out to and for your coaching clients as a result transforming your business.

  3. The structure of language in all conversations is the difference that makes the difference between a successful business and unsuccessful one. This webinar teaches you how to understand and consciously use the structure of language in creative ways boosting the impact of all your future coaching and business conversations.

  4. Becoming aware of and controlling your state is key for remaining in a state of curiosity. This enables you to sort for information that helps you communicate more easily with your clients and business network. You’ll learn how to identify the ways in which someone is likely to behave, enabling you to match that behaviour easily.

  5. Getting clarity is often the one stumbling block that stops you from creating clear goals and shared outcomes to achieve your targets. Clarity provides us with a direction and ability to focus on what’s important in order to reach your goals. It’s during this time that your creativity comes to the fore as the vision pulls you along. Using Fiona’s unique approach you will take away skills to get clear on your outcomes and explore how to reach them effectively.

  6. How to boost your sales and persuasion skills with ease. Many of us within the consulting, coaching and personal growth space can be challenged by the sales process, and yet it is such a key piece to owning a successful practice/business. Sales and persuasion often have a bad reputation first by the way we talk to ourselves about it, our beliefs about sales and then the approach we use to sell our services. Understanding the language of influence and persuasion can be the difference that makes the difference in us and our prospective clients making this an easy and enjoyable conversation for all.
Some of the ways that NLP skills you become an even better business professional and coach are by:
  • Helping people feel listened to, understood, valued, and appreciated.
  • Building strong, productive teams
  • Creating rapport with clients and colleagues
  • Creating clear shared goals and action plans for achieving objectives and targets
  • Becoming aware of, and controlling your ‘state’
  • Anchoring resourceful, optimistic, and motivational states in those you lead and coach
  • Building more confidence in yourself and others
  • Boosting your selling and persuasion skills
  • Delivering impactful presentations 
  • Motivating others conversationally

In this session Fiona will talk about and demonstrate some of the NLP skills she teaches to her corporate and coaching clients.

You will then have the opportunity to practice these skills with the other participants in the breakout rooms.

As this session is interactive, please come ready to use your camera and microphone.

About Fiona Campbell

Fiona Campbell is an International NLP Business Coach Trainer, Master Practitioner, Professional Growth Coach, Corporate Facilitator and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She has been using her NLP skills in the business world helping people become more resourceful for over 30 years. She was a Sales Manager in the Middle East for Xerox and Yellow Pages in the UK. Fiona has been delivering Society of NLPTM Business and Business Master Practitioner Trainings since 2005 and become one of the first Society of NLPTM Business Coach Trainers, globally in 2013. Fiona delivers a range of NLP based soft skills training courses covering communication, presentation and negotiation skills. She works over a range of business sectors including banking, manufacturing, hospitality, government offices, telecom and healthcare

NLP Business Coach Trainer
Success Stories on Fiona Campbell
I thoroughly enjoyed attending Fiona’s NLP Frictionless Communications course last year. It really helped me to start my NLP journey and gave me a hunger for more. I have been able to apply my learnings to my work and personal life, spending the time to listen, ask more questions and help others to find solutions for themselves. This has enabled me to have a better relationship with my direct reports and truly understand how I can guide them through their working lives. Fiona is a wonderful trainer and coach, she pushes me out of my comfort zone in order to achieve self-improvement.
Nicola Porter-Smith

Senior Director,
People at Kickstarter USA

I joined Fionas NLP Frictionless communication program which allowed me to dig deep and understand things that were very much hidden from me. The insights, tools and tips provided allowed me to make a dramatic transformation in as little as 3 weeks,, which has seen me develop as a true leader who can step out the problem and providing better insights to my team Highly recommended course if your looking for inspiration, insight and taking some action in your life.
Shahid Din

Chairman of the Board,
The Learning Initiative, London UK

We had team workshop on NLP-Thinking about Your Thinking. Our aim was learn about NLP (a taste of it). Fiona and her team facilitated this workshop Although it is less than half day, there were lots of different activities and we learnt something new re NLP in each one. The key take aways are how our body language can affect what/how we think and how our words that we choose in daily communication can affect our feelings and thinking.
Özden Yiğit

Head of Human Resources
at Bayer Middle East

I attended the NLP course with an expectation to add an additional tool to my coaching tools. The entire experience was not what I expected, it was mind blowing as not only the program gave me the tools but it changed my way of coaching ,made me explore other aspects of my personality and more importantly I had fun. Thanks to the wonderful Fiona for that journey.
Assia Morris
Client Service Manager, Brown Brothers Harriman, Zurich, Switerland
Having just completed the NLP Business master practitioners’ course, I’ve added more tools to my communications skill box. Just understanding that people tend to communicate at surface levels and looking at language patterns helped me gain access to the deeper levels and to better understand people’s behaviour
Laura Laugier
Kempinski Hotels, Regional Director of Training – Middle East & Africa

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