The 10x Mindset

The 10x Mindset
Creating Exponential Growth for Your Future
With Gene Early and Nishith Shah

Let’s make it simple. We are offering a remarkable opportunity, and challenge, to twelve people, maybe fifteen. You may be one of those.

That opportunity is to join us for a six-month program including six curated sessions interspersed with a minimum of four practice sessions in addition to homework.

The challenge is for you, and us, to establish and integrate a 10x mindset leading to exponential thinking, action, and results.

Let us define 10x for a start. A 10x mindset is anchored around the perceptual filter, “How do I 10x this.” The term 10x represents a symbol for exponential thinking, action, and results. We approach a 10x mindset from a holistic point of view in which there are both subjective and objective results, some of which may be literal and tangible, but many of which may be symbolic and intangible.

Though there are many dimensions to the program which we will unfold together, here are five criteria for assessing whether you might be interested in the content of the program.

  • Your outcome(s) are outside your comfort zone and you realize this is going to take courage.
  • You don’t know what to do or how to achieve your vision and its outcomes.
  • You are facing a situation worth pressing through, no matter the fear, concern, or trepidation.
  • You are called upon to use resources you might not know you have or are not confident of using.
  • You know that the investment required, and the potential return, is worth the effort and you are willing to pursue your individual and collective vision with 100% commitment.

What is our target audience?
We are looking for people who are…

  • Entrepreneurial self-starters, confident to take challenging concepts and operationalize them.
  • People with a growth mindset, who are courageous in moving themselves to the next level of impact in their own lives and in the world.
  • People who are familiar with internal representations (maps of the world/mindset) and have some experience with actively changing their perceptions of the world as new input comes in.
  • People who are generous, collaborative, and eager to lead beyond their own self-interest, which will manifest in creating an emotionally bonded and supportive community with other participants.
  • People who will come with an initial, external 10x outcome in mind (a starting point potentially subject to some change) and an internal expectation of personal 10x transformation.

30 spots

Exclusive Program

4 hours



NLPers From Around The World

How do you view this group?
We see it as an exploratory pilot group. When we are as successful as we envision the group to be, we will consider continuing and/or expanding this work. If so, we recognize that we may well increase the pricing, so the present group is being valued priced for early adopters.

How do you envision the culture of the group?
We understand that culture is a strategic driver within any group, organization, or company. Therefore, we expect to leverage…

  • …the value of a high-performance culture emphasizing personal relationships with each other,
  • …individual and group support for each person’s internal and external outcomes, and
  • …high levels of accountability for personal and group success.

What are our roles?
We are co-creating the design and delivery of this program. Gene has carried the 10x mindset vision throughout his professional life and began to make the principles and practices conscious during his Silicon Valley days. Nishith embodies the 10x mindset and has significant experience in acting to generate 10x outcomes. He sees this as an opportunity to hone his conscious awareness of the principles and practices entailed. We plan to participate with you in applying this experience to our own outcomes.

What are possible outcomes for you?

  • Mindset changes
    • Develop the habit of asking and answering the 10x question, “How do I 10x this?”
      • Increased creativity.
      • Increased impact when new insights turned into action.
    • Removing “noise in the system”
      • Internal dialogue, doubt/unbelief, fear, anxiety
      • Developing strategies for solving “wicked problems”
    • Increased confidence to be bold
      • With self and for others
      • In taking calculated risks that produce significant returns
  • External outcome changes
    • Tangible, quantitative increase
      • Income
      • Scaling of activities and impact
    • Mobilizing community support
      • Increased breadth and depth of engagement
      • Trickle effect: Influencing individuals/systems and their impact
    • Return on investment
      • Material benefits in addition to income

How large is the group?
As mentioned, we are looking for 12 committed participants and are open to move it to 15 if we sense the value of additional participants outweighs the impact on group functioning. We expect there to be a strong demand with the possibility that the program may fill up quickly. If you are interested, take the time to seriously consider it and decide whether to join or not.

When will the practice sessions be?
The first Sunday of each month from July-October. 2 hours/ session.

Are practice sessions required?
Though we are flexible for exceptions, we fully expect a commitment to the entire program. If for some reason that becomes impossible, we will discuss options.

Will there be homework?
Yes. The homework will emerge out of the work we do together and will be designed to move you forward with regard to your internal, 10x mindset shift and your external 10x outcome. We know that to be successful in this program, you will need to increase the number of “distinctions and their relationships” with regard to your 10x mindset and also your 10x outcome. (Our definition…competence increases as one increases the number of distinctions and relationships between those distinctions when acted upon in particular contexts.) As a consequence, we expect congruent commitment to yourself, your outcome(s), and others’ outcomes which includes “doing the work” necessary to achieve 10x your mindset and your outcome.

What is the pricing?
We have tiered pricing and will speak individually and in collaboration with you to determine the appropriate tier.

When does it start?
Start Date 25th June 2022.

Sessions dates and timings?

Session every 3rd Saturday of the month from 6 pm to 10 pm India Time (6 Sessions).

Practice Session date and timings?

Practice Session every 1st Sunday of the month from 8 pm to 10 pm India Time (5 Sessions).

ABOUT Gene Early

Gene Early was the first NLP trainer to live and work in Europe. He co-founded the UK Training Center for NLP, the first NLP institute in Europe. While living in Copenhagen, he helped develop six of the initial NLP institutes in Europe. He moved from Copenhagen to Hawaii where he was the Vice- Chancellor of Operations at the University of the Nations-Kona, the original resource campus for this global university which had branch campuses in over 600 locations. While there he completed his PhD in leadership and organizational development. He subsequently moved to Silicon Valley where he co-founded Genomic Health, a life sciences company that produced the first genomic-based, breast cancer diagnostic test. While still in Silicon Valley, he helped organize the first Leaders’ Quest learning journey. He continues to this day as a partner in Leaders’ Quest and works with senior executives from multi-national companies to expand their vision of how to combine purpose and profit within their corporate DNA. The other part of his work is consulting senior leaders in Asia, Europe and the USA in creating strong organizational cultures. In addition, he works with leading non-profits in Australia, India, South Africa and the USA in order to broaden and deepen their impact.


Nishith Shah is an NLP Master Trainer and the founder of Thought Labs. For over 14 years, he has been actively revolutionizing the lives of people and organizations, by transforming the way they accomplish their targets and goals. At the age of 19, Nishith was one of the youngest COOs in the country for a training organization and was responsible for training more than 10,000 students.

At Thought Labs, with the vision of transforming the way people perceive human potential and taking to the maximum to achieve extraordinary results – Nishith has been vigorously involved in strategically designing learning systems using NLP experiences. This has helped him gain a cutting edge in creating the highest standards of training and coaching programs. He has devised innovative training programs such as “NLP at The Himalayas”- which is an out-of-the-world experience- completely experiential, ethereal and one of its kind in the world!

Personally responsible for transforming the lives of more than 3000 people through his NLP training and coaching programs, Nishith has gained expertise and has become extremely proficient at coaching, training & mentoring to bring about a massive change in individuals as well as organizations. His program has been attended by delegates not only from India but also from the U.K., France, Spain, Columbia, Croatia, the U.S.A, Australia and Netherlands!

He has shown his skills time and again, by working with renowned organizations like Aditya Birla, Wockhardt, BOSCH, Oye Happy, Christ University, Jain University and Ways2save, to name a few. He has also been invited as a guest speaker at a number of International Conferences, such as the CISO Platform.

NLP Master Trainer Nishith Shah

Here is what people are saying about Nishith Shah

I just finished Thought Labs' Program today and it is an experience to learn more about yourself and to model others like nothing else on this planet. From training with several big names like Richard Bandler, John Grinder and Sue Knight (author of NLP at Work), what makes Nishith Shah's training different is he empowers you to model structure of people's experiences all the time during the retreat. Unlike at conferences or hotel venues, there is no off-switch. As such, your habit of modelling and noticing structure continues more effortlessly into the real world. Thoroughly recommend this Program!
Matt Garrow Fisher NLP Trainer
Matt Garrow-Fisher
International NLP Trainer
There are a very few people I know have committed to making a journey towards excellence. They have insatiable drive to learn more, to become elegant and powerful in their skill set, to become powerful catalyst for change in the lives of everyone that has the pleasure to learn from them. I'm pleased to say that Nishith Shah is one of those people. . And the changed lives of his clients and students tell the sort of a change workers and teacher who embodies the NLP skillset and attitude. He has the skill of a technician and the heart of a teacher. If you have the chance to learn from Nishith, or to join him on one of his journeys of self discovery and growth.. if you want to work with someone who deeply lives his NLP... then I cannot recommend Nishith enough
Michael Perez
Creator of The Neuron Code
I have known Nishith Shah for 10 years and right from the the beginning when he trained with me, I was impressed with his confidence, his sense of humor and his ability to support others to be the best version of themselves. I invited him to present himself on a stage of ”Unique Indian Trainers” because of his talent and his dedication to growth and learning. He always strives to go that extra mile in what ever he does, and even in the way in which he does it. I highly recommend him!
Sue Knight
Author of NLP at Work

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