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Oct 29

Meta Programs – Rising Above The Invisible Matrix

October 29, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

What would be possible for you if you could understand the structure of the differences in people who are unlike you?


Do you struggle to understand people who are different than you?

Do you get triggered into a stuck state by interacting with some people?

Would you like to understand the stories behind the differences between others?

How would it be like if you could learn to empathise better and understand the realities of other people’s worlds better?


That’s exactly what you will learn in this Masterclass – “Meta Programs – Rising above the Invisible Matrix!“

It is always easy to judge people, who are unlike us by our own standards and pass through life with ease. However, if we do take a moment to pause and reflect on the differences between ourselves and others and contemplate on the stories behind these differences, then it gets interesting.

We can walk across those people, by simply labelling them as our convenience. What is more interesting is… these people keep appearing back and forth again and again in our lives and invite us into the same stuck state that we get caught with those sorts of people.

When we understand the realities of their world, we can empathise, learn from the realities of their world. We not only learn how to deal with them, but also we may want to become like them in some situations in our life, when things don’t work for us the way we are.

By doing so, we remove one of the impediments in our path of life by resolving those stuck situations and avoiding the same in the future.  We also can free ourselves from all the unconscious prejudices that we carry in ourselves and start to see the world much more freely and fairly!

This brings us back to understanding the stories behind these differences that we see in people, who are unlike us. That is exactly what we will be focusing in our session.

Meta Programs are possibly the first topic to be covered in many NLP Programmes, but they are never covered enough as they have so much depth behind them. We also may not cover them totally, but we will attempt to do justice to the topic and their by for ourselves and our lives!

Will you be joining me in this exploration?



  • Unpack The Structure Of The Differences Between Yourself And Others
  • Shifting Your Stuck State In The Interactions With Others Unlike You
  • Empathise With Others Better
  • Learn From The Realities Of Other People’s Worlds
  • Free Yourself From All The Unconscious Prejudices That You Carry In Yourself To See The World Much More Freely And Fairly
  • Explore The Power Of Meta Programs In Your Interactions With Others



October 29, 2023
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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