Vimala Seshadri

Vimala Seshadri

NLP Trainer and Positive Discipline Coach

Vimala Seshadri, an NLP Trainer, is a well seasoned facilitator and coach with over twenty five years of corporate experience across several industries. Her experiences vary from holding an Assistant Professorship in Academia in the US, to being a global leadership coach and facilitator, to being the Founder and Executive Director of a not for profit home for children in India.

As a Facilitator, Vimala has designed and delivered programs from exceedingly varied backgrounds, spreading across roles up to CFOs/CEOs. She has worked across various sectors including Financial, Pharma, IT, ITES, Engineering, ONG, Media and Education. She recently completed her NLP Trainers certification and has delivered global online programs. She is a Master Certified Facilitator and Coach in Think on Your Feet©, and a parent educator with Positive Discipline©. She is also accredited with Lumina Spark and Emotions certifications as well as Hogan Assessments.

Her deep connection with her clients arises from her first-hand experience of working in academia, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. She has coached executives at all levels of management. She has been an integral part of large leadership initiatives with global leaders which included value-based leadership and coaching for performance. Vimala has honed her skills recently by undergoing an intensive train the trainer program with Thought Labs.

Her key coaching and facilitating skills includes creating an energetic, vibrant learning environment, calibrating clients, assessing state, using various powerful NLP coaching tools and technology to allow them to create their own transformation. She strives to bring out the best in her clients by unlocking their potential. She is passionate about inspiring people through a strong sense of purpose that lends itself to peak performance.

Vimala holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Clinical Residency from the Jewish Hospital at Washington University in St. Louis. Vimala is also the founder of Nivedita Charitable Trust a home for children in India. In her spare time, Vimala loves to spend time with her 15 children, plays violin and loves to cook.

23rd Jan
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Session Details 

Time “In” for Parents

Many parents since the late 1950’s have used time out as a tool to deter unwanted behaviour. Many prominent psychologists today suggest that this is very self-isolating and can be harmful. When I first heard this, I really resonated with it. As a child, I felt like I lived in time out for most of my childhood. So when I became a parent, I vowed to never use time out. But the question that plagued me was –“how do I help change unresourceful behaviour? “ Years later as I studied NLP, it dawned on me that it wasn’t the children who needed time out but the adults who needed time IN. Time and space to know the kind of parent you want to be, your values as a parent and to take time create multiple strategies to recognize and support your child/children when they are triggered.

This highly interactive session is to create a space the “time in” for parents to go inward and explore generative ways to create change so that they can be more present for their children and help limit the need for a time out.

At the end of the session

  1. Elicit a powerful identity as a parent and explore what is important for you and child/ children.
  2. Create
  3. Share and build strategies to be able to hold space for your child when they are triggered

20th March
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Session Details – 2020

The Gift Of A ‘Know-Nothing State’ in Parenting

We have all survived a global pandemic, But, for parents, this phase has been more of a feat to navigate emotions, space, time, learning and most importantly, their sanity. Balancing emotions and actions, whilst being sensitive to a sudden asocial existence for their ‘stay-at-home’ children, parents are finding themselves at a loss to manage the right approach to resourceful parenting.

As a parent to a brood of kids with preteens, teenagers and adult children all living together, the greatest challenge I faced was managing my own state of being. Staying together ALL the time posed a very connected and sometimes toxic environment for everyone. Family ties were strengthened, but as a parent, was I able to empower my children to shift and manage their own states more positively?

The key to my survival and ultimately to build an environment where we went from striving to thriving was learning to manage a ‘know nothing’ state. It is organic for me to step into this state with coaching and training but what about with family? And a family during a pandemic?

As we all continue an uncertain “lock down” journey, this session will explore how we can approach parenting from a “know nothing” state by doing the following:

1. Explore our Crash vs Coach state – learning to navigate from one to another
2. Being able to step into a resourceful parenting state
3. Understanding key ways to enable our children to shift states, from toddlers to teenagers to adults
4. Explore what a “know nothing” state can make more possible for us as parents

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