Rita Aleluia

Rita Aleluia

NLP Master Trainer & International speaker, the ANLP ambassador for Portugal and the only Portuguese NLP University California affiliate

Rita Aleluia is the 2019 NLP Award Winner in Education, who founded NLP & Generative Parenting (GP) in 2010. She is an author of two books, about parenting and education, published in Portuguese – “Mothers of the World” and “Little Gurus”, and co-author of two books, published in English “Powered by NLP 1 – The Evolution of NLP” and “Powered by NLP 2 – Breaking Waves, Turning Tides”.

Rita holds a science communication degree, she was also a journalist for 16 years, mainly on television, having worked also in the press and radio. When she became a mother for the first time, she felt that the communication she knew was not enough to connect with her daughter and she started to deeply study NLP.

During her NLP Practitioner, Rita discovered that the distance between her and her daughter was, after all, the distance between her and herself. She also discovered a frightened and ashamed Rita within herself, to whom she brought unconditional love and healing. That was when Rita realized that a mother, a father, can only educate a child after (re)educating themselves. And she started creating the GP.

Today, Rita is NLP Master Trainer, Generative Coach and Consultant, International speaker, the ANLP ambassador for Portugal and the only Portuguese NLP University California affiliate. Rita created “The Village”, a global community of generative families. She is shifting the parenting and educational paradigm all over the world, with her lectures, interviews and articles. She believes that our children are coming to awake our undeveloped self. Our children are our best gurus. And Rita has the blessing of being a mother of two of them. Rita believes that the parent – child relationship can be the most spiritual and generative relationship of our lives. As she says, it’s not about perfection, it’s about connection.

22nd Jan
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Heart & Brain Coherence in Generative Parenting

In this session you will learn how to create coherence and generate regenerative emotions that nourish the parent – child relationship, the most spiritual and generative of human relationships. By the end of the session, you will know how to generate, access and maintain states of resilience, harmony, coherence, congruence and respond to parental challenges from a place of unconditional love, gratitude and connection with you, your child and the greater field. You will also learn how to access the appropriate brain waves to create the life you and your family deserve, allowing you to be the parents that your children need in every moment. It’s not about perfection, it’s about connection.

Educate from a place of authenticity, congruence and coherence;
Generate individual and collective harmony;
Access and generate the infinite source of unconditional love, gratitude, care and compassion;
Program parents and children appropriately, so that they are the person they came here to be, in freedom.

20th March
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Session Details – 2020

Generative Parenting with NLP

Families are the microcosms of the world, Virginia Satir was already saying. I also believe so and that is why Generative Parenting is about each person being able to be and express their authentic self. When parents have this awareness, the world finally moves forward!

What we see today in the world, hierarchy, separatism, dualism, is the reflection of centuries of traditional parenting based on a culture of obedience. It’s now time for a conscious transformation, a deep shift in parenting and education!

What I propose to you in this session is to find out how you have been creating your life and how you can put curiosity and creativity at the service of you, your children, the community and greater good.

Generative Parenting will help you to connect with your uniqueness, bringing into the world and be the best example to your children, freeing them so they also can do the same!

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