Muddassir & Muzzammil Altaf

Muddassir Altaf & Muzzammil Altaf
Muddassir & Muzzammil Altaf
NLP trainers, life coaches in NeuroScience
Muddassir Altaf & Muzzammil Altaf are brothers. They both have 2 decades of deep grounding in studying, learning, training, teaching and coaching people. They are NLP trainers, life coaches in NeuroScience based coaching and Marshall Goldsmith methodology of coaching to name a few. Both come from very successful corporate careers, Mudd in HR learning & development space and Muzz in finance. What brings them together beyond their unique outlook to life is their calling to support people in recognising their ‘divine true self’. They co-founded ‘The Little Giants’ for this very reason. About 2 years back they came across a deeper understanding of life known as the three principles or the inside-out nature of life which stopped them in their tracks. This understanding has gently shifted their approach to their work and life beyond imagination like ‘waking-up’ to a whole new way of living & life. Today they find inspiration in helping people wake-up to their true selves.

21st March
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Session Details – 2020

Divinely Human

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”
-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

What if we have misunderstood our existence as a human being?

What if we have innocently started looking outside for answers for what we are seeking when we are the answer to all our questions?

What if our true nature is uncontaminated and untouched from the layers of our innocent stories, labels & judgements of our own little mind?

What if we are divine beings having a human experience and our suffering is purely an innocent misunderstanding about our true potential?

What if divinity is a cool way of pointing to our deeper connection to life, a world beyond intellect & form? And what if being a human being is a gift – the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds?

Come hang-out with us on this journey to ‘see’ a deeper understanding of life pointing to ‘The Truth’ beyond logic, strategies, tools, techniques and the need to ‘fix’ ourselves and the world outside us so that you may begin to live fully and experience freedom in creating whatever you wish to create in the world.

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