Amisha Joshi-Bhardwaj

Amisha Joshi-Bharadwaj

Amisha Joshi-Bhardwaj

International Hotel industry expert, NLP Trainer & Coach and ‘Emotional Fitness‘   Specialist

Amisha Joshi-Bhardwaj 

International Hotel industry expert, NLP Trainer & Coach and ‘Emotional Fitness‘   Specialist

Featured on TickerNews, Australia & BBC 5 Live

Amisha grew up in Bombay, India and for the last 15 years has lived in London, U.K.  

She has, through her hotel industry expertise, successfully grown hotel partner businesses and also trains hotel teams on ‘human skills’ through the power of NLP methodology.

Her goal is to empower people, not just hotel industry professionals but also individuals, with ‘Emotional Fitness’ so they can feel like and BE their best selves in any circumstance.

Amisha’s strong, mature, challenging and fun approach to learning ensures that her clients engage with her and integrate what they learn into the workplace.

She is very committed to continuous learning and has always had a pioneering approach when setting up both, Hotelier Excellence as well as Emotional Fitness coaching.

“I believe there’s a WIN-WIN solution for everything”

This is clearly reflected in Amisha’s own life events and her ability to stay aligned even when life events can seem like roller coasters.  She has perfected this by using a combination of NLP along with spiritual sciences.

Amisha’s clients include international Hotel teams, doctors, lawyers and even COPS – essentially women of the world.

She also has a grown community of online students under her signature ’15 Minutes a Day Emotional Mastery Plan’ wherein she provides not just tools, but essentially the learning-doing format to create near permanent change using NLP methodology.

Top 5 strengths

  •  Intuitive & Strategic – Can spot issues and problems easily and find alternatives
  •  Relator – a builder of deep and long-lasting relationships that matter
  •  Responsibility – takes psychological ownership of what they say they will do
  •  Self Assurance – very confident in their decisions that are aligned to their inner compass
  • Deliberative – matches with self assurance as they always anticipate and mitigate obstacles

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22nd Jan
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Session Details

Sinning to Winning: Becoming Emotionally Fit to Succeed

Imagine if Usain Bolt stopped a step before the finishing line because he was taken over by strong fears and negative beliefs about succeeding.

The term ‘sinning’ has nothing to do with God or religion.

In fact, the word ‘sin’ was used in archery and means ‘missing your mark’. 🎯

Often people miss out on the best results and success of their life just before the point of completion. Either their limiting beliefs or fears take over as their ‘base emotions’ and govern the final outcome.

This leads them into a vicious cycle of continuous limiting beliefs and another to their collections of misses rather than hits.

Consider everything that you have achieved (as well as missed out on) in your life and you will find that the lost opportunities were governed by a strong limiting belief or negative base emotion that got fired just when you wanted to take the leap (be it in your personal or professional life).

In this session, we are going to focus on:

  • How to regulate your emotions – thermostat vs thermometer
  • How to develop emotional resilience.
  • How to take more control of you how want to feel
  • How to condition your mind to ‘receive’
  • How to use NLP submodality ‘hacks’ to stay in an upward emotional spiral

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