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What would be possible for you if you consistently stepped outside your comfort zone with courage and conviction to disrupt your present way of being successfully?

What if you could imagine ways of accomplishing significantly more with less time and effort?

What if you found resources within yourself to regularly exceed your own expectations of what was possible?

That’s exactly what you will learn in this Masterclass:

“Defining a 10x outcome for your life and creating a pathway to fulfill it”.

In this Masterclass, you will be asked to put aside engrained ways of thinking in order to tap into a dream you may not even know you have.

There was a time I knew this mindset existed…somewhere out there. I wasn’t aware I was about to experience its reality. I moved to Silicon Valley and continued to do what I knew how to do as a consultant. I was quite successful. Today, I call that my 1x state. I didn’t realize the journey I was about to take to 10x my reality.

My passion for people and love for organizational culture opened the door for me with a client who became a friend and colleague. He was a serial entrepreneur and was ready to create his next start-up. He said to me, “I’ve been very successful in science, technology, and business, but I haven’t created the kind of organizational culture I know is possible. You love that work. How about you come and co-found this new company with us and together we can create a great culture.”

This is what I now call a 10x opportunity. When they come along, it is best to be prepared to grab hold of it… and I did. As a consequence, I envisioned and led the operationalization of a world-class business culture. Our company, Genomic Health, was rated by Denison Culture Consulting in the 99th percentile of the global cohort of companies they served. And, we created the first genomic diagnostic test for evaluating the recurrence of breast cancer. Today it is the gold standard in its field.

This experience spotlighted what I now call my 10x mindset. It is a way of thinking and seeing the world that transforms what’s possible for me, and now for those in my world who want to do the same. This Masterclass is an invitation to you to join me in developing a 10x outcome in your own life. One that you may not even consciously know you have, but somewhere deep inside you know exists.

19 March 2023


7 – 9:30 pm IST

Online Via Zoom


In this Masterclass, you will envision and define a 10x outcome. To do so requires an internal shift of state and mindset. You will release your imagination. You will define a pathway to achieving something that might have seemed beyond your reach.
You will…

Recognize your Present State in terms of values, behaviors, and impact as 1x

Ask questions so big you can’t answer them with your present way of representing the world

Be challenged to access your courage to leave your comfort zone

Discover the “unknown” as an exciting space to occupy

Tap your untapped potential and find internal resources you may not have known you have

Transform what’s possible for you now and in your future

Recognize your 10x possibility, i.e. a 10x Desired State

Define an initial pathway to move from where you are, which is 1x, to where you aspire to be, which is 10x.

Shift frame size to create a new way of looking at things

Learn to use these patterns resourcefully, ethically and authentically

About The Facilitator

Learn from Gene Early who has spent years creating 10x impact with individuals and organisations

Co-founder of the UK Training Center for NLP
Gene Early was the first NLP trainer to live and work in Europe. He co-founded the UK Training Center for NLP, the first NLP institute in Europe. While living in Copenhagen, he helped develop six of the initial NLP institutes in Europe. He moved from Copenhagen to Hawaii where he was the Vice- Chancellor of Operations at the University of the Nations-Kona, the original resource campus for this global university which had branch campuses in over 600 locations. While there he completed his PhD in leadership and organizational development. He subsequently moved to Silicon Valley where he co-founded Genomic Health, a life sciences company that produced the first genomic-based, breast cancer diagnostic test. While still in Silicon Valley, he helped organize the first Leaders’ Quest learning journey. He continues to this day as a partner in Leaders’ Quest and works with senior executives from multi-national companies to expand their vision of how to combine purpose and profit within their corporate DNA. The other part of his work is consulting senior leaders in Asia, Europe and the USA in creating strong organizational cultures. In addition, he works with leading non-profits in Australia, India, South Africa and the USA in order to broaden and deepen their impact.

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Here is what people are saying about Gene Early

"This workshop was the commitment to getting a really massive outcome, to having a bold vision for the future and going after that. We set a really high bar and managed to achieve it.”
"Gene has an ability to go to the core of issues without spending a lot of time. So sometimes the speed at which he moves is quite mind boggling. Some people say it is magic. I prefer to also believe it as magic. It is wonderful. He distinguishes patterns. He distinguishes strategies within people. He just mirrors them back to you in a sense that you can’t ignore it.
The beauty is that Gene has got an immense amount of background in achieving visions that are seemingly impossible. And, working with him is an example of seeing what is possible and he also gently but firmly helps one along the way to achieve your own impossible visions. I have got a new 20-year plan. And the 20-year plan is both ambitious and daunting and achievable. In achieving it, there is going to be an amazing change in my country.”
“Working with Gene is a fantastic experience. I’ve never had such space held with such a beautiful detailed ability of drawing out what’s needed at the right time and asking pertinent questions to provide insight at a level I haven’t seen done in a group dynamic like that ever.”
"What I really enjoyed in working with Gene, he gives you the freedom and space to be creative and to be fully you and allow the process to also lead the way. He brings out the best in your really.”
“It is so special to share that human space in a leadership kind of way, to be very human and vulnerable like we all feel. We all feel scared, small, and great at the same time, and how we all together can tap into that greatness, under the leadership of a really great leader. If I can do it anyone can do it which is a belief we have in NLP. I’ve really experimented with that. I just followed someone who reached his dream. I just followed an example and I learned from that example. I took a leap of faith and a few risks to explore what it is to realize a part of a dream, and it is accessible to anyone who actually allows the space for someone to support and help them. These have been the biggest, best decisions of my whole life actually to reach out for support and to trust that someone would lead me and support me and help me to be really me. That’s successful for anyone because we all need support in a way.”
"I’ve had a number of changes on this particular workshop. First and foremost is the emergence for me of a powerful vision and a way now to move forward. But I’ve also developed a true identity of being a transformational leader and I have that backed up with experiential learning and experiential criteria of behaviors that really enable me to embed it as a core identify. I now have a vision. I feel I have a vision I feel very congruent or very connected with."

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Benefits of joining this masterclass

Once you generate your own 10x outcome and are successful in achieving it, you will have the structure to equip your coachees to do the same.

Help your clients to imagine the value they will receive by working with you to 10x aspects of their lives.

Your children are your dearest responsibility in developing in them a future worth having. By 10x’ing with them, you can prepare them for that future.

With a 10x mindset leading to 10x action, you become an inspirational leader who your followers want to be around to learn and grow from as they achieve ever greater successes.

Challenge your students/trainees to aspire to the greatness within them and assist them with tools and approaches to make that a reality.

It all starts with you. Having a successful 10x reference experience establishes the foundation for consistently 10x’ing your life to become all you are capable of being.

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Date: 19 March 2023 
Time: 7 pm to 9:30 pm IST | 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm GMT

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