Ashok Subramanian

Ashok Subramanian
NLP Pioneer & Founder of Shinota Consulting

Ashok Subramanian is one of the NLP Pioneers in India, who has contributed significantly to the Indian NLP Industry in the last 20 years by his work in various domains such as Training & Development, NLP Training Tours, Business, Leadership, Sociocracy 3.0, Cross-Cultural Dynamics, Dance Therapy, Education, Parenting, Research, Quality Management, Social Work, Spirituality, Ayurveda & Indian Tradition.

Ashok Subramanian is specially known for blending international NLP concepts with Ancient Indian Wisdom modeled from the Indian Monks. He is a specialist in coaching people one-on-one in his group workshops, which makes his training very unique. His love for nature and the natural spots where he runs his NLP courses makes his training tours popular internationally. His entrepreneurial acumen with a charm for simplicity & an eye for innovation has won many admirers not just nationally, but as well internationally.

Ashok Subramanian is credited with Launching & Nurturing the Sue Knight Brand of NLP in India 18 years ago, just as a student during his college days, where he was groomed to become a NLP Trainer over a decade, that he worked along with Sue Knight, UK in her courses in India primarily.

Ashok Subramanian has helped found more than a dozen NLP Training Companies all over India & his training programmes with Sue Knight have attracted several international trainers from UK, Spain, USA, France, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Nepal, Srilanka, Gulf, Zambia, Israel, etc.

Ashok Subramanian’s NLP Courses have integrated models from many established & upcoming fields such as Movement Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, Hypnosis, Sociocracy3.0, Gestalt Therapy and thereby pioneering the NLP work in India. Some of these courses have been documented and is available in his youtube channel –

Ashok Subramanian is the first international Trainer Member from India to have joined the Association of NLP in Europe. He is the founder of Shinota Consulting, which offers certification courses in NLP all over India. He lives with his wife Pria, daughter Vipasha & Son Ramanan in Bangalore Outskirts, where he currently offers his NLP courses.

22nd Jan
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Session Details – 2023

Modeling Excellence embedded in the Indian Mythological Wisdom!

NLP is regarded as a recent breakthrough in the study of human excellence. NLP tools and techniques are very useful to unpack excellence that is coded inside a human being and outside.

On the other hand, Indian Mythological stories are time immemorial. Our Ancestors around the world figured out many aspects of human excellence through their experience of life and weaved them into the common folklore and literature works to pass it on to the future generations.

India in particular is very famous for its rich past and the various domains of secret knowledge about human mind and life, that it had possessed during the pre-historic times.

The Indian wisdom of the past weaved in the old proverbs & stories offer precious resources & insights about human mind & Life Principles, which can help any one who wants to strive to do their best within the short limited time that each one of us have in our lives on this planet.

In this session, I will be sharing my experience of seeking & modeling the traditional monks to solve my present day problems that I face in my pursuit for excellence in my life. I will be sharing my life stories and experiences of modeling these monks, l which I used  to transform my life from being a directionless unwell aspirer to a Happy & Healthy NLP Trainer, creating & following my own rules in my business and life.

We will studying the parallels in the models that I unearthed through these monks from the Indian Mythology and compare it with the related NLP Models that is available to us today. 

You may surprised to see how both these wisdoms can be blended together to make a beautiful resource for a modern mind to calmly live a happy & healthy life of excellence during these uncertain challenging times!

20th March
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Session Details – 2020

Parallels in NLP & Sociocracy3.0

One of the powerful applications of Modeling in the relationship space is the Perceptual Positioning Model.

Perceptual Positioning Model in NLP enables people to understand a situation from different perspectives by modelling the other people in the situation. This enables a NLP Practitioner to quickly model the unexpressed needs of the other persons involved in the situation by seeing their perspective & studying the dynamic play of patterns between different people in the situation.

Developing a neutral perspective to see the situation unbiased can help resolve underlying tensions in any relationship, thereby increasing the co-operation & rapport quotient amongst the people in that situation.

This model is often used on self when there is an ongoing stuck situation in life to develop ideas on how to influence the other.

Sociocracy, also called dynamic governance, is a system of governance which seeks to create psychologically safe environments and productive organizations. It is distinguished by the use of consent, rather than majority voting, in discussion and decision-making by people who have a shared objective or work process. (Wikipedia)

Sociocracy3.0 (S3) is a new emergent in this decade, which offers innovative patterns useful for raising effectiveness in teams by intelligently sharing power in the group equally and transparently by modelling the agile principles into the world of Sociocracy.

In this session, we are going to explore one of the S3 patterns – Consent Decision-Making (CDM). CDM attempts to bring together people, where they can intelligently and transparently weave their experiences together by sharing power equally to resolve a tension at hand.

During this session, we will also attempt to study the parallels between NLP’s Perceptual Positioning Model & Sociocracy3.0 Consent Decision-Making (CDM) and examine how NLP & S3 can complement each other in achieving creative breakthroughs for teams in realising their hidden potential in any situation.

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