NLP Trainer and Certified Counseling Psychologist

Experienced Senior Counselor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Interventions, Organizational Development, Career Counseling, Training, and Psychotherapy. Strong community and social services professional with a M.Sc focused in Counseling Psychology from University of Dhaka.

21st Jan
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Session Details – 2023

Restructuring Depressive Mood with NLP
This session will be interactive and participants will get a chance for in-depth sharing. We all have times when we experience a depressive mood. This session will focus on the structure of depressive mood and assessment. With this participants will understand when they will be in a depressive mood.
As well as coach or therapists can also coach others’ depressive states. At the end of the session based on the assessment effective intervention will be discussed to create a successful transformation.

Some of the things the delegates will learn from the session:

1. Conceptualize a case of depression
2. Assess a client with a depressive mood
3. Share an intervention for better living

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