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Each course is designed to create impact in various areas of your life. It could be to take your NLP skills to the next level, build new habits or learn the latest tools and models of change. 
Keep checking this page as we will be adding more courses & experiences from facilitators from all over the world in the coming months. 

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1 Lesson

Sleight of Mouth – Create Transformation Through Language

Learn Sleight of Mouth Patterns to create more influence and flexibility in your language with NLP Master Trainer Nishith Shah

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1 Lesson

Growing into your success with NLP

This Masterclass will help you build the inner confidence to create the success you deserve. Success starts with a state of mind and true success grows with achievements. Success requires grit, determination, constant learning and taking action. Learn to use NLP Skills to create your action plan for success

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2 Lessons

Global NLP Summit – Modelling Masterclasses

Enjoy the recording of 90-min sessions from Frank Pucelik and Robert Dilts on NLP Modelling.

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3 Powerful Frameworks To Develop New Habits Easily!

NLP Masterclass - 3 powerful frameworks to develop any new habits easily!

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Global NLP Summit Replays

Live Courses

9 Lessons

The 10x Program with Gene Early and Nishith Shah

The 10x Mindset Creating Exponential Growth for Your Future With Gene Early and Nishith Shah

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