Dr. Daniela Moehle

NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Business Coach, High Performance Coach, Certified Nutritionist: Functional Nutrition and Sports Nutrition Expert, Certified Psychological Counselor, Certified Tax Consultant, Long Distance Triathlete and Ultrarunner with additional education in Sports and Exercise Science. 

Daniela is a highly experienced Coach who is specialized on bringing out the best in people. She helps her clients enhance their performance, reach their goals and live their dreams – no matter how big the dream(s) and how challenging the path might be. 

By incorporating all her life’s multifaceted and profound experience based on her scientific background, she has created her own way of coaching based on a holistic approach. Her passion is to convey how wonderful, exciting, and fulfilling life can be by taking one’s life to the next level. She loves helping people accomplish their desired changes in life fast & easy, and long-lasting. 

Daniela works with business executives, athletes, students, and all people that want to enhance their performance and take their life to the next level. 


22nd Jan
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Session Details – 2023

Healthy Living Made Easy

Do you want to take your life to the next level?

A healthy lifestyle creates a solid basis for getting more out of life. It empowers you to live your best life. 

I will show you how NLP can be used to help you live a healthier lifestyle – simply by taking small and smart steps that lead to big effects and by discovering the joy, satisfaction, and inner peace this exciting journey brings. 

The complexity of the health industry and the various marketed approaches can be very overwhelming nowadays. From my experience, keeping it simple is the key. I will provide you with a shortcut to breakdown this complexity and will give you access to the simplicity a healthy lifestyle is characterized by – with the main pillars being nutrition, exercise, and a joyful mindset. 

A healthy lifestyle starts with an investment of only a few minutes a day. The return you get out of this, is feeling awesome, fresh, and energized and improving your well-being even further. Let’s share the excitement and go to the next level together. 

In my session you will learn that keeping it simple is the key to living a healthy lifestyle and how NLP can help you to take a step further towards a healthier lifestyle.

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