Colette Normandeau

Colette Normandeau

Director – L’essentiel, in Quebec City, Canada

Colette Normandeau is an international NLP master trainer and certified executive and life NLP coach. She is laureate of the 2021 ANLP NLP in Business award. She is a Success Factor Modeling™ I, II and III facilitator, Generative consultant, and member of Robert Dilts Leadership Team. Colette has an NLP training school called L’essentiel, in Quebec City, Canada and has trained NLP enthusiasts (practitioners to master trainers) around the world (Morocco, France, USA, Mexico, UK, Finland). Since 2001, she has accompanied, through trainings, conferences, coaching and consulting, thousands of entrepreneurs, CEO’s, leaders, teams, coaches and individuals to become more aligned and connected in there Being, empowered to succeed in their actions and living and leading daily in a more conscious, creative and Heart-Based way.  She is author of the French book: Ê.T.R.E. enfin soi-même- A guide to self coaching and awakening and co-author with Robert Dilts and his leadership team of Generative consulting – Tools for creativity, consciousness, and collective transformation. Inspired by a vision she had at NLPU in 2016, for the future of NLP and our world, she initiated, in 2017, the first NLP 4th generation co-creation movement in Bali, Indonesia. A movement based on developing Spiritual Intelligence within ourselves, our NLP community and all of humanity.
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Divine by design-Awakening Spiritual Intelligence

BEcoming an effective leader is all about awakening and using multiple intelligences. We are aware that cognitive, emotional, somatic, relational, systemic intelligence make a big difference in achieving desired success. What about Spiritual Intelligence? What about increasing our Spiritual Quotient? What generative change could it create in your life and for the world?

Let’s be curious and engage in this generative exploration. Find out what it means to awaken SI/SQ and come enrich your map by discovering SI best practices.


  • Discover NLP 4th generation and its presuppositions.
  • Define what is Spiritual Intelligence.
  • Increase perspectives, from meta field to proto consciousness.
  • Reconnect to your Source to express what is most beautiful and sacred within you.
  • Identify spiritual resources that can be used to overcome obstacles and shine your light in 2022.

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